User friendly

Thanks to its clear and user-friendly design, VUCLIC does not require any specialist expertise for its use.

All with a single click

All your business information in a single tool: files, shifts, budgets, prescriptions...


We know that your patient and employee information is very valuable. Therefore, VUCLIC strictly complies with the GDPR and the LOPDGDD legislation.

Technical support

You will have at your disposal a complete team of professionals who will solve however many queries and requests which you may have.


All matters which are pertinent to your clinic, in a single click

All matters which are pertinent to your clinic, in a single click: We are one of the most comprehensive clinics and medical offices management solutions on the market. Custom-designed software specially designed to facilitate the management of patient appointments and employee shifts, as well as to effectively manage patient medical records. With Vuclic, you can maximise efficiency of your work and have the information at any given moment as regards the day to day management of your clinic.

As it is a custom-designed programme for the healthcare sector, capable of meeting your needs without any problems.

For all types of health professionals: doctors, physical therapists, odontologists, psychologists...

Request information as regard Vuclic custom-made personalisations. Adapting to your needs for the purposes of having the best management software for your clinic.

All the functionalities which you require in a single programme:

With Vuclic you will have: client loans control, medical prescriptions generation and management, synchronisation with Google Calendar ... and much more.

Calendar and appointments management

Patient records management, give appointments online, notify your clients via SMS...

Employee management

Create customised profiles according to your needs: health, clerical, reception...

Draft questionnaires

Generate personalised health questionnaires, as required at any given moment.

Complete medical records

Record the required information as regards your patient.



• Calendar and appointments

• Medical record

• Health questionnaires

• Prescription generation

• Patient loans



• chat between employees

• budget estimate preparation

• employee management

• shift management

• synchronisation



The clinical management software which best suits your needs, offering numerous customisation options.

 Vuclic facilitates information organisation and access, optimising working times and ensuring better coordination of the clinic work team

calendar and appointments

medical record

shift management


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